A large number of companies worldwide look back on decades of operating history and tradition. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the production facilities to operate machines that are more than 20 to 30 years old. In some cases, these machines produce highly important products, which, in case of failure, can lead to a severe problem for the company.


As the equipment operates successfully at present, entrepreneurs often do not see any particular reason to take action. However, when it comes to failure or defect, it sometimes causes serious consequences. Experienced employees who are familiar with this old technology and who could take action in such an event increasingly retire - and with them the necessary knowledge about the machines.



  Faulty productions         

  Technical defects     

  Young employees lack of experience with

       old technology

·     Spare parts are no longer available

·     Production downtime

·     Total plant standstill

It is reasonable to at least update these key machines to the latest control technology - especially with regard to spare parts supply and know-how


·     State-of-the-art control technology

·     More efficient production

·     Increased economic efficiency

·     Less expenses compared to new construction or                new acquisition

·     Prevention of faults and malfunctions

 Reduction of technical defects and          

      machine failures

·     Securing of production

·     Spare parts availability guaranteed

·     Prevention of unforeseen additional costs  due 

           to production downtime and repairs

  Fast support for up-to-date systems

Every company has a unique set of requirements. What perhaps had been required in the past may have lost relevance over the years. Enterprises and their production facilities have evolved - and so have their requirements.


 With the appropriate partner, companies are in a safe position, not only with regard to a seamless and continuous production process. An experienced specialist will ensure machines receive the exact conversion and spare parts required for their individual technology. In long terms, this also means that the service partner can take immediate action, both during maintenance and in emergency cases, and reduce further damage and the resulting costs.


Support from experts


Every conversion offers new opportunities, but also involves risks and dangers. Considering the complexity of modern technologies, operators often are barely able to estimate the scope, different aspects and interdependencies of modernization measures all by themselves.


HOF-Automation provides the necessary know-how in the field of electrical engineering and automation. This way, corporations are on the safe side. Our company offers the entire range of services - from assessment, planning and implementation to commissioning and maintenance.


In addition, we offer comprehensive service for all machine lifecycle stages - all from just one provider. High quality requirements for the process and to meet customized needs are the main challenges of a plant or machine modernization. In order to implement these successfully, HOF-Automation is a competent and reliable partner at your side. With our services, a modernization can save time and reduce investment costs already during the implementation.


Services FROM HOF-Automation


Assessment of current machine or plant






Ensuring the spare parts supply

Replacement of the control technology and / or implementation of digital elements




Service / problem solving on-site in case of emergency




One or more of these statements apply to you?

We are happy to explain your individual options for getting your plant or machinery ready for the future. 

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