Digital People counter




High-precision digital people counting in real time. The electronic passage control of HOF-Automation ensures maximum security and reliability in counting people and to limit the number of people entering the sales area during the Corona pandemic. Equipped with an optical feedback system it offers immediate clarity to customers whether they are allowed to enter the store.


The result: A smoothly running and secure day-to-day business - and this is independent, easy and completely automatic.


The advantage: The electronic passage control can be used anywhere and at any time.

Once installed, the system works completely autonomously. Thus, it protects the personnel from any risks of infection as well as from cold and damp weather conditions. If entrance inspectors have to warm up, pause or if their concentration drops after a few hours, this may lead to an incorrect count result.


The consequence: Increased risk for customers and personnel and the non-compliance with the current Corona regulations. 

How the System works

The handling of the digital passage control is simple. Before the first application, the maximum number of people allowed in the sales room is determined via a panel. This setting can be adjusted at any time.


The operator-friendly system ensures easy and effortless handling. For installation, simply supply the pillar with standard household electricity via a standard outlet. For fixation, the system is either bolted or glued in the entrance area.


Whether it be in supermarkets, petrol stations, drugstores, bakeries or car dealerships - the electronic passage control facilitates the daily business of all types of stores.


Absolute highlight: In addition to a visual display, the system can also be optionally equipped with an acoustic warning signal. This increases its reliability even further, because customers are again advised of the restriction - in case they neglect to check the entrance stop. 



For stores with the same entrance and exit area

Two-doors system
For stores with seperated entrance and exit areas 

ü  Framework element with two light barriers arranged in series

ü  Detects by the order in which the light barrier was disrupted whether a customer has entered or left the store

ü  System adds or subtracts in real time the number of people who currently are in the store

ü   Visual indication: green = enter, red = wait

ü   Light barrier height at chest height, approx. 140 cm

ü  Two separate framework elements with individual, single light barriers

ü Detects by the order in which the light barrier was disrupted whether a customer has entered or left the store

ü  System adds or subtracts the number of people who currently are in the store

ü  System calculates information in real time

ü  Visual indication: green = enter, red = wait

ü  Light barrier height at chest height, approx. 140 cm

Features at a glance: 

  • Reliable and precise people counting
  • Immediate feedback on whether a store can be entered - in real time
  • No additional effort after installation - system works autonomously
  • Protection of personnel from infection risks and weather conditions
  • Independent and always ready for use
  • Easy installation
  • Discreet and inconspicuous placement
  • 100% anonymous data collection
  • Long-term cost savings compared to hiring service providers
  • Datalogging 

Technical data:

  • Material: Metal
  • Laser class 1 (No risk of eye damage, even with prolonged exposures)
  • Light barrier range: max. 3 m
  • Installation height: Approx. 140 mm
  • Energy: 230 Volt socket
  • Installation: Foot - bolted or glued
  • Control: Touch-Panel
  • Protection class: 1P 55 

The digital people counter has even more to offer: It can also be used to gather data for statistics, such as peak times and general visitor numbers. This provides an advantage for personnel planning. Knowing exactly when your locations are most frequented allows you to improve your staff planning appropriately. In addition, it is possible to record general data about daily business performance. 


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